We The People

Before there was a whisper of a government, we the People, fended for ourselves. 

Families, parents, churches, tribal elders, transmitted to the young our experience and a reliance on something Greater than this mud-and-dust World ... the thing necessary to Survive and even Thrive.   

In the course of human events, people needed to work together to forward their Culture – the ideals and things that made them them.  They spoke among themselves and decided on institutions (ways of doing things) to carry their culture into the future. Government was born.  

Depending on the make-up (the Constitution) of the People, the government might be a monarchy, or an aristocracy or even a democracy.  

Or a republic. 

The Constitution of We the People

A republic can only work with, how did John Adams put it? “a moral and religious people.” That has to be the Constitution of the People. Moral and religious. 

That would be a people who try to right any wrong they do to others (moral) and rely on something Greater than This World (religious). 

Aristocracy works best on a population which cannot take care of itself. A different Constitution of the People. Those who have come into Power in our government (republic in name) have implemented “compassionate” policies ... let me list a few. 

Public Education graduates too many adults who cannot read.  They are not able to take care of themselves. 

Unemployment, extended and extended and when that ran out, a person could (and many did) get disability payments. As long as they are “disabled,” not able to take care of themselves, the government will take care of them. 

Fathers are no longer needed, a baby without a father gets all sorts of free goodies from the government.  Destruction of the family. And don’t get me started on the animus against Christianity and in fact any religion that does not kowtow to the All-Mighty Government. 

What is the common purpose of this? Or as the Declaration of Independence put it “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object.” What is that same object

A person who cannot take care of himself. If We the People, cannot take care of ourselves, an aristocracy will emerge without a whimper.   

Some speak of the Elites in government. Some speak of the Ruling Class, the Deep State, the Swamp. Same class of Aristocrats. They want to remove the republic and set themselves up on top of the permanent heap. 

We find ourselves now in this place, at this time. We want to restore good Governance.

Some want to tear everything down and start again. I'm sorry but that Chaos will only give those same Elites the opening to enforce an Aristocracy on us. Civil War will look like patty-cake.

We have a Constitution for a government. It defines a republic, chained by that Constitution.

The solution is the Constitution. The solution is understanding and demanding it be followed.  Due to our education, most people have never learned the most basic terms of the Constitution.

You may have read elsewhere that John Chambers has been running local Constitution study groups since 1991. 

One lady in Pennsylvania said she googled “Constitution study group” expecting to find dozens of them, but found only ours in our southern Oregon county.We need them in every county.  Perhaps even yours, hm-m-m? 

One person did start a study group in Tampa Bay. They have gone through the Constitution, word-by-word, and the Declaration of Independence. Last we heard, they are starting on “How to Keep the Republic” a “hat” for a Citizen in early 21st Century America.

They are going great guns but is one group in Oregon and another in Florida enough for "we the People" to get the the government under our control?

Start a Study Group

We have a one-page check-list of things to do, step-by-step, to start your own Constitution Study Group.  

The first step is to “find some material your group will study.” Of course, we recommend our own books and videos – you could even do podcasts but that does not invite participation from group members, and that IS the purpose of a study group.

It is not enough that "we, the People" learn the documents, but we must participate in the group, speak up, pose questions, express observations. A study group is good practice for dealing with your employees in the government. 

We do expect that some groups will decide to use materials other than ours.  No problem. Use stuff from Hillsdale College, the Republican party, the Democratic Party, or anywhere else, but make sure you read the documents rather than listen to the blather. 

Don't even listen to our blather.

Start a Constitution Study Group.

Checklist to Start your own Study Group