Revolutionary Study Group

A few people have asked if we are going to have our local Study Group start up again. I was thinking of something like a Facebook live-stream Constitution Study Group in the fall.

The Original Constitution

Our revolutionary Study Group will start in September, we will go through the Constitution word-by-word, section-by-section. Look up the words, figure out what problem they were trying to solve ...

No one else does that ... word-by-word.  Look up the word, not just what people think it means today, not just what the writers thought it meant, but what those who ratified the document meant by it.

When you have a contract, do you try to figure out the words written by the lawyer? Or do you want to know what was in the mind of the folks who signed that contract?

We look at what the signers meant.

Each section was designed to solve a problem. What problem? And do we have that problem today? (I can see your eyes rolling now -- yes! too often we still have that problem.)

That is why we need to understand what the Constitution is really supposed to do.

Study Group

We'll meet once a week, an hour a week. We’ll be done on or about the new year, depending on the discussion.

We’ll have the local group here, in Grants Pass (place and time to be determined), and live-stream our meeting to anywhere the internet reaches.

I’ll need two things.

First, local folks who want to attend.

* You must be willing to show up for weekly session 10 out of the dozen or so meetings. 

* Meetings have always been donation-driven, so be willing to make a donation to Mr.Constitution each meeting.  Suggested minimum five bucks. I know some will want to do more and I’ll accept it.

* You will also sign a waiver so we can live-stream and archive your face and/or voice.

Second, remote folks who will want to participate in the meeting. Don’t know technically how much you will be able to participate.  We’ll have to work that out. 

Sign Up Now

anyone who wants to participate, let me know by signing up at

Assuming enough people want to do this, I’ll be sending out questions to those who do sign up, when is a good time to meet, and locally where.  Once that is settled, notifications will go out when we will be starting etc etc

And if not enough sign up, I'll let you know it is cancelled.

Thus, if you want to participate, get some friends to do the same. You and I can't fix this country alone.